The facts, figures, and perks

Become a leader and expert in the HFT and HPC industries
Experience the freedom of flexible hours
Enjoy catered lunches, snacks, and team events
Number of game nights hosted at Domeyard
Average age on Domeyard's team
Number of languages spoken (or being learned)
Lead your own projects and join existing projects too
Own a part of the company in addition to your salary
Voice your ideas internally and externally
Wear what you want
Stay healthy with 100% health and dental coverage
Enjoy unlimited vacations and celebrate your personal holidays
See the bigger picture by working with different teams
Need a visa sponsor? We've got you covered
View the Boston cityscape from our high-rise office


There's something incredibly liberating about working at Domeyard. We love technology and aspire to automate everything. We don’t sell a product; we don’t really have customers or a marketing team. We benchmark performance by the nanosecond. We measure market share by the number of servers we own. We rely on our breakthroughs in computational statistics and fast network technology to uncover opportunities that are inaccessible to mainstream quants.

Domeyard is a hedge fund focused on high-frequency trading. Our team brings together senior experience from leading technology and trading firms such as GETCO, Goldman Sachs, Google.

Domeyard is a flat organization. To encourage openness and collaboration, there are no walls between teams, and ideas are exchanged fluently throughout the company. You will have the immediate opportunity to lead relevant projects and influence the firm's general direction. You answer only to yourself and have the freedom and flexibility of an unlimited vacation policy.

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We want our employees to focus on tackling meaningful problems. We don't believe in the stressful and siloed atmosphere often portrayed in the financial industry. This has led us to adopt a casual tech startup environment and furnish our employees with generous perks. Domeyard's employees find that the greatest benefit is the opportunity to work with incredible teammates. The founding team are alumni of MIT (Dome) and Harvard (Yard), and we have grown and diversified over the years. Our employees are in their early 20’s to early 50's, and come from dozens of alma maters around the world. We welcome cultural diversity and are able to sponsor H1-B visas.